In the blink of an eye, everything can change

When I got sick in the middle of December 2012, it hit me so hard I was a bit scared by the intensity of it. It started like all colds typically start in my body, with a sore throat, moving into congestion and then coughing. Only this time I could feel from the beginning that it was a big one, the cold shivers came very quickly and they were so intense I didn’t feel warm even under three thick blankets. And then the body aches came, my muscles and my back started hurting so much I felt like I couldn’t handle it anymore. I had already been bound to bed for almost a week when I also started to get a fever, which I hadn’t had since my teenage time. I got worried and called a doctor to come see me. He told me it was just a virus going around and that he was seeing it a lot these days. And so I didn’t suspect anything more than that either. Continue reading